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  • The insiders guide

    Insider’s guide to the telecommunications industry? What is this all about? Hi everyone Jeremy Tyree here, Director of Telco Bill Cutters. This site, my company and now this blog have all been set up for one reason… to give you access to what the providers don’t tell you, don’t want you to know but ultimately [...]

  • Telco Conspiracy theories – volume 1

    Everybody loves a good  old conspiracy theory! Telco Bill Cutters hear a lot about what goes on behind the curtains inside our industry and with that comes conspiracy theories! We are like the Alex Jones’ – Info Wars of Australian Telco… without the Texas accent.   Quite often this leads to many interesting conversations with [...]

  • Top five excess data usage explanations – billshock 101

    Running a telecommunications management company that manages in excess of 400 mobiles, 150 ipad/tablets and just shy of 50 broadband/Ethernet services… you can just imagine how much we deal with data. My team’s every day morning consists of logging into our clients online management systems and surveying each of their services for possible excess data usage or [...]

  • Incentives Matter – Case Study

    Every day we here at Telco Bill Cutters are confronted by examples of why incentives matter and why having the right incentive structure is the key to happy clients. Recently a new client in Brisbane came on board and we found significant savings applying our advisory software solution to their phone bill. We were confronted by an [...]

  • Is Telstra hotspots a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    Is Telstra hotspots a wolf in sheep’s clothing? As a bitter turn of irony Telstra have released statements asking the small business and consumer community to partner with them on a new endeavor of offering free wifi to local area hotspots. Superficially it doesn’t even seem like a terrible idea, having free wifi available to [...]

  • Mobiles on planes, the truth.

    Mobiles on planes, it is probably one of my more annoying pet peeves that turn up every time I enter Brisbane Airport and leave to my next destination. Apart from the fact that a 2 hour and 45 minute flight from Brisbane to Christchurch, New Zealand only allows for 1 and a quarter movies which [...]