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What the providers won't tell you.

  • Account management – why is it so bad?

    What even is an account manager? What is account management? Why do so many people claim to be an account manager? What should an account manager’s role be? These are all questions I used to ask myself on a daily basis and for some reason no one could give me a straight answer. You see, [...]

  • 10% battery life warnings, a thing of the past?

    Battery life is the biggest worry people have when it comes to upgrading their phones and complaints which is why this problem is being solved. Modern day life is determined by one thing, our god damn mobile phones! Our days are more and more being modeled not around the 9am – 5pm business hours but [...]

  • Texting and driving.. Is it worth it?

    Mobile phones can be our best friends and worst enemies sometimes. The urge for texting and driving is about is lethal as driving while drunk. And with the rise of technological availability, people are finding it increasingly harder to keep their hands off them while driving. Recently I was driving and I was reminded of [...]

  • Incentives Matter

    I always here the term “win-win” and to be honest, it just seems like a term that has been hijacked by snack oil salesman trying to fool you into thinking they have aligned interests with you. Incentives matter and are the single biggest difference between getting a good deal or being sold a bad deal. [...]

  • Cycloramic : an app that could change the game.

    Hi guys, Recently I was watching my favourite programme (Shark Tank on ABC cable network) and came across this mind boggling cool application. It really is hard to believe but essentially what the app does (at the moment – we will get to this later) is use the phones current ability to vibrate in order [...]