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  • Imagine if the Galaxy 4 upgraded everything? Welcome Galaxy J

    Most people get bored with the technical jargon and IT chat that consumes blogs like these and I am part of that group myself. Stay with me though because this shit is exciting and I will break it down quickly for you. Although Samsung have recently come out and publicly admitted to their software development [...]

  • HTC One may arguably be the best phone out there. But is HTC dying?

    This year HTC have really focused on the mobile side of things with their company and from a consumer perspective/ outside looking in approach you would thing after all the success it has had with the HTC One that things are all rainbows and smiles at headquarters. Unfortunately reality is far from rainbows with HTC [...]

  • Vertu launches $6600 leather-backed Android phone

    Second Android device from the luxury manufacturer If the Galaxy Note 3′s faux-leather back just isn’t leathery enough for you, the Vertu’s got you covered with its second high-priced Android phone, the Constellation. The luxury electronics company has today unveiled the device, which packs a dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, Android 4.2 and a calf leather and titanium body. [...]


    A pre-release build of Android 4.3 has leaked out for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The model that this is for (GT-i9505) is the unlocked European version of the flagship Android handset. The Korean OEM is believed to be thinking about releasing the update this month or next. Those who have had the pleasure of using the [...]