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  • 10 interesting facts a bet you didn’t know!

    Have you ever wondered why you never trust the advise from a used car salesman? What about your insurance broker? Investment advise from your super? How about that pesky telemarketer that keeps calling… Of course you haven’t, we all know we can’t trust these people because they themselves have an agenda behind their advise. The [...]

  • How about 6 quick, old school tricks to save money today?

    1. Use a Fax to Email Service Fax to email can halve your monthly line rental charge! Many businesses have a phone line just for the fax because they require a dedicated fax line that is rarely engaged. It is however engaged when it is receiving a fax. For the dedicated line they are paying [...]

  • Who the hell am I?

    Look, I am not going to lie to you, leave anything out or sugar coat a single fact. We get that everyday from them telemarketers, our account managers or people we are supposed to trust in this industry. I’ll earn my reader’s trust by being painfully honest and shockingly transparent… I will tell you things [...]

  • The insiders guide

    Insider’s guide to the telecommunications industry? What is this all about? Hi everyone Jeremy Tyree here, Director of Telco Bill Cutters. This site, my company and now this blog have all been set up for one reason… to give you access to what the providers don’t tell you, don’t want you to know but ultimately [...]