“After years of being frustrated from my current provider, Jeremy was a breath of fresh air! He was clear and upfront with what had to be done and was able to significantly decrease my phone bill. With no risk to me or my financials, it was a win win!”.
“Telco Bill Cutters provided a service above and beyond anything our carriers would provide us. They took insight into our business and what we wanted, were efficient in what we implemented and stuck around until we felt satisfied!”

“It came to the point where we would hang up every time we heard a telemarketer on the other line. We couldn’t stand it but didn’t know where to start. We put our trust in Telco Bill Cutters and they delivered. Amazingly we didn’t even have to change providers and the literally threw our old bill in the bin. It was great, THANK YOU CUTTERS!”

I have Questions!

If you keep an open mind we can answer any questions you might have.


  1. Contact us either by phone or by email. This could be for a general inquiry or an initial quote.
  2. Send us in you phone bills. We will respond with information within 24 hours.
  3. Complete the service agreement and terms and conditions form.
  4. Assess our reports with us and select the best action plan.
  5. Sit back and let us do all the work!

Are you a telecom provider?

No, we are 100% independent of the telecom companies and, as telecom expense analysts, we provide 100% objective recommendations to lower your telecom expenditures. We receive absolutely NO COMPENSATION OR COMMISSION from telecom carriers or their third parties.

I prefer to only deal with my current provider. Would that be fine?

That is absolutely fine, but consider this. What you are really dealing with is generally whoever randomly contacts you on a quarterly or monthly basis offering you new products. What you are trying to avoid is 3rd parties or different companies messing with or stealing your business. If you have someone that looks after your account, they will only do as much as they get paid for. With Telco Bill Cutters you still deal only with whatever company you have or want to deal with, because we deal directly with them on behalf of you. Essentially you get the best of both worlds, always speaking to the same person, not having to negotiate yourself and getting the most expertise advise there is.

Will I have to change telecom providers?

In the majority of cases, we do NOT recommend changing providers. We are able to save an average of 35% (and as much as 80%) simply by renegotiating with your current providers. That being said, if we can find a better plan that suits your needs and is cheaper, we won’t hesitate to show you the plan to help you make a more informed decision.

How can I be assured I’ll continue to save money after you renegotiate for me?

Part of our service and commitment is ongoing monitoring to ensure that you continue to get the best telecom plan for your company. As your business and usage habits change, we continue to look for areas to save. You can rest assured we are always looking for additional ways to save you money because it’s in our best interest, too. It’s the ultimate WIN-WIN!

What if I don’t have time to pull up all my bills and can't give you all that information?

It won’t take much of your time at all! We only need a few months worth of historical bills to get started. We do all the work for you behind the scenes and any troubles come straight to us and the people we have working for us in the business centers. The only consultation you need is to sign the paper work if your happy with the plans and system we propose to you.

How much can I expect to save?

We save our clients, on average, 35% on their telecom expenditures. We have saved up to an astounding 80%! We continue to look for additional ways to save you as much as possible as we make a percentage of the overall savings. It’s the ultimate NO-RISK WIN-WIN.

What if the phone companies all drop their rates next year?

First of all, based on history, that won’t happen. But if it does, remember that we are here to continually audit your bills and negotiate on your behalf and we will be able to advocate for you in the event of any significant changes in telecom service plans.

How can you GUARANTEE you’ll save me money?

We can’t, but we are pretty damn sure we can. So much so we gave ourselves a 10% minimum guarantee, you don’t save then you don’t pay!

Can you just look at my mobile plans and not my landline or internet or phone system?

Yes – we can look at any one of the components of your telecom expenses or any combination of your telecom expenses. However, we can often save you MORE if we analyse and negotiate all of your telecom expenses at once because we can build custom bundles for you.