What’s the catch?

"So the more we save, the more you get paid?"



We only get paid the day after you see savings on your first bill and we share in the savings so you never pay out of pocket.

Why does everyone hate dealing with the phone industry?

It’s simple, everybody knows that no matter how good the offer sounds, how shinny their account managers teeth are or how many friends they think they have that they are getting the wrong end of the pineapple…

That is why Telco Bill Cutters business model is set up so that we cannot simply promise you something and not deliver. Unlike the providers, if we don’t deliver on our promises, we don’t get paid!

We take a percentage cut in the monthly savings to justify our ongoing account management fees. Depending on the package you take up depends on what percentage split we take so you never pay us more than you save!

Why is that important?

Mainly because we need to be seen as a service that is at no cost to our clients.

It also means that we don’t need to be remunerated by the providers and so we remain completely independent from their bias. We always have our clients best interests at heart because their best interests are the same as ours!

The remuneration package we have put together is GENIUS because it means the harder we work and the more time we put in the more everyone makes. Even better, there is no risk because if we don’t find the savings on the account you never pay us a cent.


Reduce Costs, Save time & No Hassle