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Insider’s guide to the telecommunications industry? What is this all about?

Hi everyone Jeremy Tyree here, Director of Telco Bill Cutters. This site, my company and now this blog have all been set up for one reason… to give you access to what the providers don’t tell you, don’t want you to know but ultimately to save you MONEY!

Now before I lose you because we have all heard it before (Save me money on phone bills? Not very original statement) let me stress to you what we are all about… Firstly, we are not a provider, third party, wholesaler or dealer. The Telco’s call us a thorn in their sides because they can’t buy our independence. We simply are the leading experts in the industry, have contacts throughout the industry and give advice to our clients how to save money with their current provider. It really is that simple.

I want this guide to be an educational resource for everyone from business owners to tech crazy university students. The discussions you will learn about are first and foremost my opinions but what you will come to realise is I am the kind of guy that doesn’t just accept idea’s on merit and everything I say I will try support with as much evidence as possible.

Discussions will involve case studies of my clients, industry news and workings, technology improvements and updates and just generally all things Telco. By utilising this blog and it’s information I am confident everyone will have a much easier time dealing with their providers but better than that, people will start saving money and making educated decisions on what they want from their communications.

Let me put the ball back in your court.

Let’s take on these Telco’s together and I will teach you how to win.


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