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Architectural Windows and Doors are one of our most seamless transitions and they really show the kind of unexpected value we offer. It also shows that even the most pessimistic of clients (initially, now they are FANTASTIC) can also be converted into some of our biggest fans!

Windows and Doors are a small to medium sized multi-site retail and wholesale organisation that were spending roughly $2,500 per month over two bills.

This is and exert to a testimonial James (GM of company) sent to us:

“Although somewhat skeptical at first, since we are frequently contacted by cold-callers at least several times a week offering phone account analysis and the promise of savings, I am certainly glad I took the time to hear how Telco Bill Cutters were different to the others. My expectation was suggestions of a cheaper package from a competitor or removal of our redundant mobile plans, instead Jeremy of TBC would use his industry connections and knowledge of the Telco provider’s systems to negotiate a better package and reduce or remove penalties for moving to better suited plans.”

Once James and the team were onside, we formulated an action plan and really got down deep into what they are wanting to achieve over the next couple of years. We identified a couple of area’s where maybe they could improve and offered multiple proposals depending on which direction that wanted to head in.

They really appreciated the fact we took into account multiple scenario’s for their business and we ended up agreeing on a particular action plan.

We got the approval from them and Telstra and then began implementation keeping them updated every step of the way so they didn’t feel it was happening without their control.

We ended up negotiating a deal with Telstra that had them remove 5 mobiles still in contract which would have normally meant they would have been penalised a few thousand dollars and we structured their current equipment in such a way that they save over 45% of their previous bill amounts.

We then confirmed these changes and identified an issue that happened 3 years ago with out amazing software and contacted our contacts about a contract compliance issue.

The result was a completely unexpected credit of $2000 which have meant they have not paid a bill for 3 months which came at a great time as business was a little tough!

In the end they had absolutely no disruptions to their services, had excess equipment and mobiles removed which have saved them almost half their bill and then had the added bonus of not having to pay a phone bill for 3 months!

We are so glad to have their team on board and we can’t wait to implement our secondary plan in 24 months to further assist their business.

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