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TJS were recommended to us through a mutual friend and were one of our clients that just ‘Got It’. They were definitely not inept of problems however, and it took a massive amount of TBC’s expertise and resources to uncover an incredible amount of problems that were under the surface.

After recieving the bills and having our software pull the results from what was going on we could see very quickly the potential of the account.

TJS are located in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast and have many employee’s on the road that were all interconnected to the offices.

They had an excessive amount of mobiles, excessively high plans and a phone system/ land line combination that was costing them a fortune.

On top of this they were also looking to implement 15 ipads to their employee’s so they could properly take advantage of this brand new amazing software they had developed. They were being very frustrated with having to hotspot their mobiles and wanted a system that would make life easier and more efficient.

They (prior to TBC) approached their account manager about finding a resolution for this. They were told not only were they going to have to incur $8,000 worth of contract penalties but would then have to pay on top of their current plans for this to be implemented – we knew better.

TJS had a spend of anywhere between $6,900 – $7,500 per month and were irate with the way Telstra had been treating them after being such a loyal client.

After explaining exactly why their account manager would not do this for them, we got to work with formulating a plan to get around this massive bill and optimising what they have to be much more efficient.

We found their IT person had actually got the internet’s mixed up which potentially could have been disastrous, the Internets in the Gold Coast were completely unknown, administration of both accounts were a complete mess and confusing, the billing of the Gold Coast account was actually under another previous companies name which could have made a disaster if anything was to go sour and they were spending a fortune on white pages that they felt powerless to change.

Needless to say we had their account manager removed temporarily and dealt directly with his boss so that we could get the maximum result.

We optimised and created an action plan which meant we could avoid the $8,000 and also avoid an additional $5,000 to get rid of further plans and replace them with more suitable contracts. Not only that, we had each of the ipads set up on their own individual plans that can now be tracked for usage by the office, streamlined their administration and had the Gold Coast account put back under their name to avoid future legal battles.

Above all this TBC had to negotiate TJS out of a white pages online contract that was costing them$1,500 a month and we did so with 100% success.

We did all this and managed to reduce their bill down to $4,000 and are looking at reducing that further down the track which is truly amazing considering we added 15 plans to their account.

Not only this but we have had Telstra agree to a couple of contract compliance issues which saw TJS be credited with over $3,000.

TJS are a perfect result on why no business should trust the advice given to them by their commission driven account managers.

They are also a perfect example of why a highly cooperative client will always get a better result because it means TBC can work at our full potential.

We look forward to the ongoing relationship and savings!

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