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Telco Bill Cutters were originally referred to Wynnum Manly Leagues club back at the start of 2013. From our first meeting it was very apparent they had been hard done by and that we were in for a hell of a fight. It took some time to win their trust as but when we did and we had their full support we got an amazing result.

Having literally just signed a contract with Telstra which included a new phone system over a 60 month period that meant they had a minimum spend of $3,000 we were under no illusions this is about as difficult account to deal with as you could imagine.

After finding out very early that Telstra and their account managers were going to be as difficult as possible it was back to the drawing board and personally I knew it was going to take every resource I had.

TBC and the team got together and formulated a 3 month action plan which was a full scale investigation on what went on during the sale, what was ethically wrong with the sale, what should have been done and how it should have been explained to the customer.

We did our own independent audits on the lines and functions of each individual numbers, compared it to the notes and followed an extensive email trail over the course of the 3 months.

I then approached the contacts we have high up in Telstra and showed them what our investigation found and conclusively proved to them what should have happened. After pulling a few strings and having some in depth conversations they were completely on side and went into battle for us.

The result was nothing short of incredible, Telstra not only reverse a contract worth in excess of at least $180,000, they credited our client back a few thousand dollars for the inconvenience and implemented our plans which now have their bill coming in at $1,500 which is a 50% decrease on what they would have been paying over the next 5 years.

The Telstra employee’s responsible were both removed from the account and one was later found to have had a history of unethical behaviour and was subsequently fired.

Although TBC does not actively look for this result, we have a mission to change the industry and so sometimes this is necessary and so we do support a tough punishment for such behaviour in our industry.

Needless to say Wynnum are extremely happy with our work, they stayed with Telstra, had the impossible reversed and are now paying for the cheapest bill they have received in well over 15 years!

TBC never charged Wynnum until the savings were found on the account and the time taken to complete the sale is our further gift to them.

We thoroughly believe there is no accounts we cannot help with the right support from the client and Wynnum are a fantastic example.

Although Wynnum is a rival club to the East Tigers they are now one of our favourite clients and an absolute blast to work with.

Congratulations WMLC!!!!!

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